Meet Our Self-Funding Community Center

Beautiful, playful community center looking for a loving home!

  • Good for children!
  • Good for seniors!
  • Favorite activities: Café (with fair trade goods), music, fitness, co-working, dining facility, after school activities, summer camps, maker space, climbing/bouldering, rooftop play space, and a giant slide
  • Community raised
  • Nearly ready for development
  • Can live on only 4,000 SF site
  • Financing: Feasible
  • Ready for its “forever home”*

Exterior of Community Center

*In all seriousness; last year we planned and designed a cool, self-sustaining community center, and we came up with something that would provide lots of complimentary uses yet would not rely on fundraising to operate. Our client loved the concept, but unfortunately decided to wait – so it got put on the shelf.

Re-homing a Community Center

At some point, we looked back at what we created and realized – this was a beautiful community center that could work in almost any urban environment. We developed the design, costs, operations, and financing; this is completely feasible for any community that has a little space and wants a self-funding community center (of course, adjusted to suit that community and site).

Maker Space / Workshop

Maker Space / Workshop

Naturally that makes us wonder if some nice community might be looking for just this kind of place. A place for socializing, learning, and playing. Somewhere to work, dine, meet new people, and just have fun.

With any luck we’ll find a good place for it one day, but for now we just like to reflect on these beautiful renderings and wonder about the possibilities.

If you ever want to hear more about this model we put together (or if you think you might have a “forever home” in mind for this beauty), give us a call! We’d love to talk about it.

In case you’re curious where our artistic renderings come from, our good friend and a great artist, Bruce Bondy, drew them – he is one of the few rendering artists who still draws by hand; imagine that. We think his work really captures the spirit of the place, the people, and the activities. Visit him at Bondy Studio to see more of his work. Thank you, Bruce!

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