Urban Community Revitalization

St. Louis, MO

The Nonlinear solution required growing the fundamentals of a healthy neighborhood – “community cultivation” – to establish good schools, quality housing, security, jobs, and beautification but using very modest budgets and a realistic timeframe.

Comprehensive revitalization of an entire low income urban community.

The community suffered from low income, poor schools, high crime rates, few employment opportunities, declining population, weak tax base, and little support from city government. The solution could not rely on conventional grants, state or local funding, or private investment.

The Nonlinear solution involves a comprehensive approach to bring quality education, local services, enhanced security, job training, investment, arts programs, and beautification. Over 10 years – using charter school funding, program related investment from foundations, private placement of bond financing, public financing for storm water detention, and other sources –  the plan involves developing five new specialized K-12 charter schools (math/science, arts, Montessori), adding pre-school and after school programs, developing new music programs and production facilities, creating new art programs and a gallery, developing green houses and a nursery, creating job training programs, adding new neighborhood services, enhancing streetscapes, removing blight, enhancing security, creating an environmental park, and developing new alternate energy sources ($40 – $50 million project). Currently pending.