Network of 10 Charter Schools

A new network of three successful urban charter schools had rapid growth and wanted substantial new space. Our multi-faceted solution involves a master campus of schools spanning K-12, in affiliation with a private university, generating facility revenues (for recreational, entertainment, arts, food, and residential uses), and utilizing tax credit programs.

Develop network of 10 urban, language immersion, international baccalaureate charter schools with new facilities and sustainable revenues.

The network had no assets, no credit, no expectation of new charter funding, no possibility of a tax referendum, and no time to wait for a capital campaign.

Our solution involves a new master campus with exceptional enrichment amenities (athletic, art, music, dance, library, specialty foods) that also generate revenues, in conjunction with a major private university ($45 million project). Unrelated to the plan, the network ultimately decided to focus on its three existing schools and defer on any growth. The Nonlinear strategies we developed, however, remain viable and could be applied to other situations.