Baker Demonstration School

Wilmette, IL

Baker Demonstration School (PK-8) was being evicted in 22 months from the campus it shared with a university. The school had no assets, no capital campaign experience, and was losing enrollment. Our solution involved some creative real estate tricks and reminds us of the story of “stone soup.” (Stone Soup on Wikipedia)

Rescue this private K-8 lab school.

Baker Demonstration School (BDS) owned no assets, had no fund raising experience, and could not use a tuition increase or tax referendum. If it did not secure a permanent home in less than 22 months it would cease to exist.

Our solution – created and implemented within the 22 month deadline – resulted in BDS owning its own 100,000 SF facility (classrooms, labs, library, theater, cafeteria, gym, indoor pool) and campus with playgrounds, play field, and parking ($20 million project).