Our Office

Our office exemplifies our workflow – productive, collaborative, resourceful, creative, a little fun, and definitely “non-obvious and unexpected” (which is how we describe Nonlinear Funding).

We decided to renovate a long-empty tenant space in a historic train station. First built in 1908 and rebuilt in 1931, the heavy rail trains still rumble above our heads; those large columns in our space are not decorative.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to see our favorite part – the conference cabin.


When we found it, the space was in terrible shape and had been vacant for 20 years. Turns out, 100 years ago it was the “Central L Luncheonette” – with ice cream and fountain service.

We tore out decades of carpeting and tile to reveal the original terrazzo floor – a long line of circular floor patches showed us where the swivel stools had once stood along the serving counter. Good Karma.

We tore out pretty much everything and put our minds (and our backs, sometimes) to work on making it what we needed. We converted the old storefront windows into white boards and a steel-plated magnet wall.

We created open work-stations, a social space for creative collaboration and presentations, a gallery to display some of our projects, and a kitchenette.

And we sourced most of the furnishings and building materials from charity resale shops, NFP deconstruction warehouses, and even a few junked pieces. Somehow it all fits.

The result is uniquely ours and we like it.