Media Coverage of our Work
These videos showcase some of our completed projects. Each video covers years of effort in only a few minutes, so none of them explain how our solutions actually worked. Nevertheless, we would be happy to explain each in as much detail as you want. From time to time we’ll produce more videos about other projects, but in the meantime please enjoy these “Nonlinear” stories.

People have said that our solutions are…

… magical. What you see there is hope and optimism.
Melinda Gates, Co-Chair - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
… an imaginative, creative solution to the problems of urban education today.
Newton N. Minow, Senior Counsel at Sidley Austin LLP
… an innovative private-partnership tuition payment program that is opening new doors for students in over a dozen schools nationwide.
Chuck Hagel, US Senator
… an entirely new kind of school.
William J. Byron, President of St. Joseph's Preparatory School, Philadelphia
… remarkable examples of what can happen when dreams meet opportunity.
Richard J. Durbin, US Senator
… proof that a small group of creative individuals who are committed to a mission and willing to take a risk can indeed change the world.
Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart
… a testament to the will and wisdom of a hearty lot who believed in poor kids and who had faith that the impossible is possible in urban education.
Jerome T. Murphy, Dean Emeritus - Harvard Graduate School of Education

More good things we have heard about our projects and work:

In many of Rick’s engagements clients have been talking about their projects for years and years, with little movement. His incisive approach helps boards to understand their options, take advantage of their assets, break the logjam and move through to completion.
Michael Boisvert, Founder and President of Longhouse Capital Advisors
Andrew Greeley, Author / Journalist
By combining academic excellence, social responsibility, and challenging opportunities for youngsters from disadvantaged families, they present all who enroll with a chance for a better life. I hope these schools will continue to multiply throughout our country.
Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington
These schools located within impoverished areas have with growing success turned high school-age students with very little chance into winners.
William J. McDonough, former Vice Chairman of Merrill Lynch
The answer to our prayers.
Bob Phelps, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Urban Christian School
Richard Murray was able to foster a tie between institutions far distant but associated by the common desire to provide hope for students across thousands of miles.
Tom Robb, Director of Education at The Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Cultural Center
The [Equity Schools] solution for us is so compelling that anyone who sees it would support it.
Rhonda Broussard, Founder of St. Louis Language Immersion Schools
This seems too good to be true… are you sure it’s legal?
Fr. Daniel Flaherty, Former Jesuit Provincial
Media Coverage of our Work
We promote our projects and clients, not our firm.

Media that have featured our work and projects using our models include: