In the Works

“In the Works” is our blog page, where we’ll be offering a glimpse of our new projects and solutions as they are taking shape. Since our projects can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete, we want to share some of the interesting ideas, experimental concepts, and unexpected outcomes that we encounter along the way.

Of course, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or ask us a question!

Roof Deck Play Area

Meet Our Self-Funding Community Center

Beautiful, playful community center looking for a loving home! Good for children! Good for seniors! Favorite activities: Café (with fair trade goods), music, fitness, co-working, dining facility, after school activities, summer camps, maker space, climbing/bouldering, rooftop play space, and a

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moving day 1869

The Future Home of Equity Schools – Part I

We’ve always had nice offices in downtown Chicago – the kind with the polished stone conference tables, cushy chairs, projection screens, and all the trappings. Very nice (33rd floor of this shiny building). But hardly anyone ever comes to our

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What’s the Point? Crafting a Mission Statement

One of the joys of running your own business is realizing you can do whatever you want. Yes, it might not generate income, or in the extreme I suppose you could get arrested, but my point is I think it’s

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Hauling 720 Million Pounds

Why would a nationally-honored “Green Ribbon Award” school require hauling 720 million pounds of steel uphill every year? This bothered me. We were working with this charter school to develop an amazing new campus on some hilly acreage next to

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Some Advice if You’re Invited to Give a TEDx Talk

First, if public speaking really scares you, TEDx might not be a good idea. The rules say speakers should not use notes, a prompter, or a podium. It will be just you alone on the stage, facing lots of people

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Is Your Project Underfunded? Here’s How Our Blog Could Help

In my first post I briefly explained why we’re writing this blog, but today let’s consider who it’s for and why it might be worth five minutes of your time to read it. Maybe you simply like discovering new ideas and

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A Closer Look at Nonlinear Funding

Welcome to the new blog! This is my first post, and I will do my best to provide interesting ideas (both big and small), innovative solutions we are developing, and sometimes problems that have us stumped. Where do these things

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