Is Your Project Underfunded? Here’s How Our Blog Could Help

In my first post I briefly explained why we’re writing this blog, but today let’s consider who it’s for and why it might be worth five minutes of your time to read it.

Maybe you simply like discovering new ideas and inventions, or solving puzzles. Or perhaps you have a funding problem for a school or something else you care about, and you’re looking for some inspiration. Or maybe you’re just bored and are looking for an interesting way to kill a few minutes, but you’re at work and can’t get away with doing that on Facebook or YouTube.

In any case, this blog is really for anyone who wants some intimate insight into how we actually get projects done, or for anyone who is working on their own project and feels stuck. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, no matter what your funding goals are, everybody gets a little stuck sometimes (including us).

We find that inspiration for a breakthrough idea can come from the most unexpected places. That said, check in here from time to time, browse our posts, look at our solutions, and as always feel free to reach out and ask us any questions you may have – we’d love to chat and would be more than happy to discuss your own unique funding puzzle. You never know when that right idea will hit you, or where it will come from.

Lastly, we promise to keep these posts short.

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