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Part III – The New Home for Equity Schools – Our “Cabin”

I always feared this. What if we threw a party and nobody showed…
September 3, 2020/by David

Groundbreaking at Academy of Warren!

Even if the event doesn't look exciting (that's me on the left…
August 26, 2020/by David

Saving a Landmark – Two Tips for Solving Problems That Feel Impossible

Most things that are worth doing are hard, and some of them…
June 11, 2020/by David

Part II – The Future Home of Equity Schools is Complete!

Two years ago I wrote “Part I” of this story, noting that…
February 14, 2020/by David

Chicago City & Country School

Good news! The "Chicago Prize" has advanced our project to compete…
October 4, 2019/by David

Equity Schools, Inc – Now a Benefit Corporation

We all enjoy those moments when, to our surprise, something…
January 3, 2019/by David

The Importance – And Fun – of Saying “Yes” to the Unfamiliar

With a name like “Equity Schools, Inc.” you might think all…
May 23, 2018/by David

How to Create a Name That Sticks: Our Origin Story

People sometimes ask us about where our company name, Equity…
February 23, 2018/by David

Meet Our Self-Funding Community Center

Beautiful, playful community center looking for a loving home!

February 12, 2018/by David

Part I – The Future Home of Equity Schools

We’ve always had nice offices in downtown Chicago – the…
January 9, 2018/by David

What’s the Point? Crafting a Mission Statement

One of the joys of running your own business is realizing you…
September 16, 2017/by David

Hauling 720 Million Pounds

Why would a nationally-honored “Green Ribbon Award” school…
September 8, 2017/by David

Some Advice if You’re Invited to Give a TEDx Talk

First, if public speaking really scares you, TEDx might not be…
July 7, 2017/by David

Is Your Project Underfunded? Here’s How Our Blog Could Help

In my first post I briefly explained why we're writing this blog,…
June 10, 2017/by David

A Closer Look at Nonlinear Funding

Welcome to the new blog! This is my first post, and I will do…
April 21, 2017/by David