A Closer Look at Nonlinear Funding

Welcome to the new blog! This is my first post, and I will do my best to provide interesting ideas (both big and small), innovative solutions we are developing, and sometimes problems that have us stumped.

Where do these things come from? Here’s what happens. I receive a call or I meet someone who tells me they have a problem. They can’t figure out how to make their project a reality, and the problem nearly always involves a lack of funding. And they’ve heard we have a different way of looking at problems and creatively solving them.

Most of these projects involve schools – public, private or charter, from day care through higher education – but in recent years we have been asked to solve funding needs for an array of uses: conference center/hotel, museum, recreation center, community center, affordable housing, synagogue, zoo, minor league baseball stadium …

And occasionally we work on solving problems that simply need attention, rather than waiting for someone to contact us.

So once we start trying to solve a problem, all sorts of ideas surface. Not all of them are good, but a lot are interesting and a few are even funny. Well, I think so, but of course that’s why I do this work. It’s pretty good work if you can get it.

Our blog will continue to feature a few interesting projects as they develop. Watch for how our solutions play out.

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