Nonlinear Project Funding

We develop great schools. Most importantly, we create unique funding solutions for operations and capital finance.

While our projects usually include  “linear” funding sources (fund raising, government funding, tuition and fees), we specialize in developing unexpected or less-obvious strategies, which is part of what we call “Nonlinear Project Funding.”

Take a look at our Portfolio page for some examples of our work.

Our approach involves extensive research, getting creative, and carefully modeling our concepts (usually with 10-year projections), and then we test those models for feasibility.

After developing actionable solutions for our clients, we are prepared to stay all the way to project completion (upon request) – even if that takes years.

Featured Projects


In many of Rick’s engagements clients have been talking about their projects for years and years, with little movement. His incisive approach helps boards to understand their options, take advantage of their assets, break the logjam and move through to completion.

Equity Schools was relentless in their commitment to finding a successful solution for the Academy of Warren. Rick’s unwavering ability to guide the project through regulatory, financial, architectural and community challenges was outstanding. The end result is sure to add tremendous value to the AOW students, staff and community for generations to come.

Richard Murray was able to foster a tie between institutions far distant but associated by the common desire to provide hope for students across thousands of miles.

The answer to our prayers.

The Equity Schools solution for us is so compelling that anyone who sees it would support it.

This seems too good to be true… are you sure it’s legal?


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